Several years ago my wife, Rose, and I were looking for some leather furniture for our house. I had been working with bison leather for a few years by then and was disappointed that all of the leather furniture we looked at did not have a real leather feel to it. Some years earlier friends who had been in Rapid City their whole lives had told us about a local furniture maker that made the kind of furniture that lasted for years. That bit of information parked in the back of my mind led us to Stone’s Furniture, after a call to our friend on the name of the company he had talked about. While the slight blemishes on the bison leather I brought in concerned Harold I told him not to worry, that with three grade school age boys on a bison ranch it would be best to start off with some marks. This furniture was meant to be used not just looked at. Those boys are all off in their own homes now. The Couch and chair are still in great shape and still very much used. The quality of the workmanship is quite evident looking at these pieces these many years later.
— Duane & Rose Lammers
I have been using my leather computer case for over a year. I was offered the leather of my choice and requested a size that could fit my needs. The leather has worn beautifully. I could not have asked for a better product. Since this purchase, I have already suited up with a companion case for my iPad Mini.
— Maxine Anwaar
My new iPad case is absolutely beautiful! It’s everything I expected and more. Thank you so much for sending me this great product!
— Ronda